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How can I verify whether or not a VPN connection has been made?

I found a registry key showing the network name, but I'm not sure where I can check whether or not its connected.


I want to check whether it's connected, so that I get an error message back much faster if there is no connection rather than waiting for a timeout.

You should be able to ping the network and see if the connection is established or not. Google search returns many results, one of them was this[^] and you can take a look at the .net RAS at[^].
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T2102 29-Apr-11 17:38pm    
Pinging is the same problem; there is a timeout involved. I run a spreadsheet that might have zero database calls to a remote server or could have hundreds. Checking this with a registry key or something similar is ideal since the timeout delay can be huge.
I think this all comes down to being able to access the remote server, so a timeout is unavoidable. Maybe you can try to access the server in a separate thread, so that it's not so noticeable?
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T2102 9-May-11 11:22am    
To know if the call is successful, I can use
<pre>return !system("ping network_DB");</pre>

However, this shows a dialog. I know how to use ShellExecuteEx and ShellExecute to execute the code above with a dialog hidden, but I am not sure how to check whether an error was encountered.

Do you know how I can do this without outputting the results to a file.

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