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Hi all.....
I have created one application In JQgrid which working good....

Bur while testing i enter one record With inserting State name as

'UP&' its get inserted properly.....

But its not displaying in grid....

While Select query its throwing an exception of type

My code for select query is

DataReader sdrState = db.getDR("udsp_SelectState", prmPage, prmLimit, prmSidx, prmSord);
if (sdrState.HasRows)
                       int i = 1,j=0;
                       xml += "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?><rows>";
                       while (sdrState.Read())
                           if (i == 1)
                               if (page == 0)
                                   page = 1;
                               xml += "<page>" + page + "</page>";// +"<records>" + sdrState["totalRecords"] + "</records>";
                           xml += "<row id='" + sdrState["StateId"] + "'>";
                           xml += "<cell>" + sdrState["StateName"] + "</cell>";
                           xml += "<cell>" + sdrState["CountryName"] + "</cell>";
                           xml += "</row>";
                       xml += "</rows>";

Its throwing an exception in while fetching statename coz state name is like 'UP&'

i dont knw wat is wrong

I will appreciate any help......
Updated 1-May-11 20:55pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-May-11 2:21am    
This is not an error report. Catch all exceptions in this thread, make full exception dump with stack and show the relevant part of code; point out line where exception goes...

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