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How to Import data from multiple excel sheet on multiple PC on the network to one table in sql server 2000 or 2005
using C# and without also?

Updated 4-May-11 4:50am

I googled "update sql database from excel", and it came up with over 6.3 million results. The very frist one looks like it might be applicable, but since I have no emotional interest in the solution, I'll leave it to your capable hands to sift through the possibilities presented by google and find the answer that fits your requirements.
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I would save the data as pipe(|) delimited CSV files in Excel. To change the delimiter from "," to "|", go to Start--Regional and Language Options-->Customise and change List separator to "|".
When you save the files as CSV they are actually text pipe delimited files. Read these files using C#

I suggest you do some file validation on every file that you're going to process. Then read each file, line by line and use the string.split() method to get the data elements.

Insert the data into dataset and then update.
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