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Sir, I have created a calculator in C sharp source code, I want it to release my project to my computer. But I do not know how to do in order release/publish it from source code to usable software.

If you only want to use it on your computer, you don't have to do anything.

Just browse to the bin/debug folder of your project solution and make a shortcut to the application executable - you can do this by holding down the ALT key while you drag the icon to the desktop, or wherever you want it.
You can compile it for release first - in which case it is in the bin/release folder - by clicking the dropdown on the VS toolbar where it says "debug" and selecting "release". Rebuild and your file will be ready. Compiling for release means that you can make changes without affecting how you use the current version until you are ready.

If you want to use it on other computers, you need to set up a Intallation package - create a new project in VS and look under "other project types...Setup and deployment". There should be a wizard which will do most of the work for you.
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Read this MSDN article: MSDN: Deployment (How Do I in C#) [^]

Further have a look at other installer creation article:
How to create a C# installer[^]
Setup and Deployment Process in .NET[^]
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