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Management wants me to pull yet another rabbit out of my... er... hat. Any help would be appreciated.

We have a number of CR reports on our website. They use the "push" method to populate the data: the user selects a number of filters, the page uses those to create a dataset, then pushes the data to the report using ReportDocument.SetDataSource. This has worked fine for many years, as all of the reports are flat.

Now I have to put out a report that relies very heavily on subreports; 11 of them, to be precise. When I try to retrieve the report using the above method, the viewer is not rendered and there is a nice, friendly HTML comment on the page source saying "Failed to open the connection." At a guess, I am retrieving the data for the main part of the report, but not for the subreports. I suppose I could try generating datasets for each subreport, but that strikes me as horrifically clunky, especially for a report that is still under development and will be for a few months. I have tried switching to a "pull" method, but that hasn't worked either.

So here are my requirements: The main part of the report draws from a view, and the different subreports use different fields from that view as their linking parameters. The report will only show one person's data at a time, so I can use a selection filter. At the moment the website and the database are on the same server so network permissions aren't an issue, but that will be changing in a few months.

If you have any suggestions or links, I'm all eyes.

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