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hi every one
my question is
I want transfer text to many files "aa.php & bb.php "
at same time the text transfer to 2 files
<form method="POST" action="aa.php ">
<input name= "ID" type="text">

I want send "ID" to aa.php and bb.php

but how I can do it?

Updated 11-May-11 11:31am

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malemar 11-May-11 15:50pm    
sorry, I didn't get it
Joan M 11-May-11 18:08pm    
Direct, easy and concise... different methods to be followed clearly explained... my 5. PS: Hope you are all well in RomA ;) it seems that at the end the quake has happened in the south of Spain...
CPallini 12-May-11 3:08am    
Thank you.
We're fine in the capital, thank you again.
I'm sorry for the Spanish people, it looks like a unexpected tragedy.
Joan M 12-May-11 3:12am    
You are welcome... I'm glad to know that people and all the art you have there is OK... and yes, it has been an unexpected tragedy there... as far as I know 8 people died there... :sigh:
Use $_SESSION['var_name'] and then you are done... you are not passing the variable to different files, but you are creating a variable that will be stored in the server side and that will be accessible from all files...

Anyway, CPallini has given you a good resource to look into... read it and then you will be able to choose how to do it...

The method I'm suggesting is also there...

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CPallini 12-May-11 3:09am    
Have my five: the next step will be writing the code for him.
Joan M 12-May-11 3:13am    
:-D you are right... ^^¡

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