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I am having problems coding the fallowing :
If somebody checks a child node in the treeview control, I want the parent node of the that child node to be checked.

Some thing like:

For each node as treenode in nodes
    If childrennode.checked = true then
        Parentnode.check = true
    End if

The following code loads XML info to my treeview control. Each node in the treeview has a checkbox.
For Each Record As XElement In doc...<record>
            recordNode = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(Record.Name.ToString)

            For Each Leader As XElement In Record...<leader>

                leaderNode = recordNode.Nodes.Add(Leader.Name.ToString)

                For Each Controlfield As XElement In Record...<controlfield>
                    controlfieldNode = recordNode.Nodes.Add(Controlfield.@tag.ToString)

        For Each Record As XElement In doc...<record>
            recordNode = TreeView1.TopNode
            For Each Datafield As XElement In Record...<datafield>
                datafielNode = recordNode.Nodes.Add(Datafield.@tag.ToString)
                For Each Subfield As XElement In Datafield...<subfield>
Updated 13-May-11 6:58am
Fabio V Silva 13-May-11 13:08pm    
What are the problems you're having then?
stopete82 13-May-11 13:17pm    
Syntax problem:

Dim nodes As TreeNodeCollection

For each node as treenode in nodes
If childrennode.checked = True Then
Parentnode.check = True
End If
with this code I get childrennode not declared and parentnode change to Treenode.

1 solution

Every node has a Parent property. This is trivial to do.

All you do is
checkedNode.Parent.Checked = True

where checkedNode is the node the user checked. You can get this from the eventargs that are passed to you code depending on which TreeView event you're using.
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stopete82 13-May-11 14:43pm    
Thanks for your help, this is the code that worked for me:

Private Sub TreeView1_AfterCheck(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.TreeViewEventArgs) Handles TreeView1.AfterCheck

Dim Pnode As TreeNode = e.Node

Dim PPnode As TreeNode = Pnode.Parent

If Pnode.Checked = True Then
While PPnode IsNot Nothing
RemoveHandler PPnode.TreeView.AfterCheck, AddressOf TreeView1_AfterCheck
PPnode.Checked = True
AddHandler PPnode.TreeView.AfterCheck, AddressOf TreeView1_AfterCheck
PPnode = PPnode.Parent
End While
End If

End Sub

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