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I am asked to make an application that gets a WSDL file then convert it to a class diagram as in this research paper.....,

Then try to make a table that shows some information that can be understood from that WSDL file when you first look at it.

Now unfortunately am not that good in programming so I couldn't make any more steps in my programming work for this Application more than programming the first task which is getting the WSDL file and present it in a Rich Text Box using the VB 2005 Windows Application, so I wish if anyone can help and tell me how to make the next step which is programming a parser that can reads and Analyze the XML code that found in the WSDL file (for Ex: when the parser sees this piece of code

<types> <schema>                
<element name="number" type="string"/>
<element name="expires" type="date"/>...

It looks for the word types and after it schema then after it find it, it looks for the word complex type and when find it, it creates a class shape which is a class then after that it looks for the word name and sees what between the quoits and put it in the name place of the class then it looks for the word element and if it found it, it looks for the word “name” and write what in the quoits as the attribute name then it puts the type as in the type quoits and so on...) and store these info in order to draw the class diagram.

Also to make the table, and if there is any suggestions about how to program the class diagram view with all its info. (Class name, Attributes with their types, operations with their types) and the table too I’ll be sooo grateful coz i have to delver it by 26'th/ may/ 2011.

sorry the paper name is Model-driven Web Service Development and can be found on this link :

The class diagram I talk about is as found at page 9 from 14
Updated 16-May-11 1:38am

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Hello @norxnor,

it's a big question, divide your question in 2 parts:

1- Parsing WSDL:
There is a book see if you can get

Book Name: Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Server Control and Component Development
Chapter 10 : XML Web Services

The above chapter will give you enough info on XML web services and how .NET creates proxy class for it. In order to create a proxy class you need to parse it, as you want.

2- Creating Diagram:
Well i cannot say much on this but you can use this article:
WPF Diagram Designer - Part 4[^]

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