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Hello Guy's,

I have a grid which shows product version's and have a few link buttons like edit, delete, preview etc.
On click of edit button i want to get the Product ID and Version ID and redirect to some xyz.aspx page wher the product details can be edited.
Here is how my Grid looks.
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText = "Edit">
<asp:LinkButton ID="Edit" runat="server" CommandName="Add" >"Edit"</asp:LinkButton>

This is how i have defined my Edit Link button inside the grid.
Click of link button i am tracking in gridview_RowCommand.
Here i want to get the VersionID and ProductID and Redirect to another page.
Please help me.

I am Real New to Coding. I did a bit of google but non of the solutions are helping me.
Updated 16-May-11 20:48pm

1 solution

define command arguments in your link button

in row_command event handeler you can retrieve your command arguments
use response.redirect to go to another page and pass the arguments as query string.
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ubaidh sayed 17-May-11 2:49am    
As i said i am real new to coding.
How can i add command arguments ??
ubaidh sayed 17-May-11 2:55am    
i am binding the grid using a datatable.
so do you want me to do something like
<asp:LinkButton id="LinkButton1"
Text="Order Item 10001"
CommandArgument="VersionID" [This i have id datatable ]
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 3:03am    
define arguments like this
CommandArgument='<%# Bind("VersionID") %>
on your code

protected void gridView_RowCommand(Object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
if( e.CommandName == "Add")
Response.Redirect("/your page.aspx?VersionID=" + e.CommandArgument.ToString());
ubaidh sayed 17-May-11 3:24am    
Thanks a million saxenaabhi6 .
That worked for me.

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