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I have an arrayList.
This is an arrayList of strings. The string contains a "Date.toString" in format of "January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT" + task name.
For example: "January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT clean the house".
I want to sort this arrayList by dates.
How can I do it?

Updated 19-May-11 3:59am

You'll have to convert the date part of the string to a real DateTime struct. Sorting strings isn't going to help you here. Implement a class that holds your string as well as the converted DateTime and make it implement the Comparable interface. This way you can put them in to a ArrayList instance named say myList and they'll be sorted for you by calling Collections.sort(myList).


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user_code 19-May-11 11:38am    
But how do i convert a Date at format of "January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT" to Date type?
This list contains Strings - nothing more.

you need to extract the wanted substring(s!) [^]and sort the list by rating them. This can be done with a fuzzy logic of if/else or switch commands.

Bubble sort @

Selection Sort @[^]

Have fun - and when you've written some code and get stuck - come back and ask specific. We do help - but we also want you to do the homework yourself.

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Load your string into a Comparable object:
class Task implements Comparable<Task> {
    private Date date;
    private String task;
    Task (String taskString) {
        // find the split point
        int splitPoint = 45;
        try {
                    parse(taskString.substring(0, splitPoint));
        } catch (ParseException ex) {
   = new Date();
        this.task = taskString.substring(splitPoint);
    public int compareTo(Task o) {
        int compare =;
        if (compare == 0) {
            compare = this.task.compareTo(o.task);
        return compare;

Then put this into a ArrayList. These are ordered using Collections.sort.
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