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I have desgined a few silverlight applications recently and wanted to put them on my ASPX web pages. The following was my experience:

I started with the normal way, where I uploaded my '.xap' files onto my web server and then referenced them through the normal markup they recommend to embed a silverlight application on a web page. When tested on my local IIS, the website looked fine with all the silverlight controls displayed as expected.
However, when I tried the same through the web server, all that I saw was a white patch on my page at the places I was expecting my silverlight controls to be shown.
Later I discovered that the '.xap' files, although after uploading to the web server appear through an ftp session, they are still not accessible through a web link.

I searched through the forums and found out that it can be a problem of MIME, that has an alternate solution of renaming the '.xap' files as '' and uploading them over there on the web server. I tried that but the problem still persists (everything goes as expected on the local IIS, but on the server, nothing shows up).

Please help me get rid of this problem as I am almost about to give up but I don't want to.
Yvan Rodrigues 26-May-11 18:45pm    
If you post a link to a Silverlight app on your server I can tell you exactly what your problem is.
myTerminal 28-May-11 0:26am    
After I tried the '.zip' method, the link of my application is ''.
Now I can access the application from my web browser, but still the website is not able to fetch it.

1 solution

I got it solved myself.
The thing above worked, when I tried it on my personal PC.

Conclusion: Rename you '.xap' files to '' and reference the files in your web page markups with these new names, it works that way and you don't need to register any MIMEs.
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Ankur\m/ 28-May-11 9:01am    
5 for coming back and posting the solution here. Hope it helps someone in the future.

Ankur\m/ 28-May-11 9:01am    
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