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i have a gridview ,it has some rows with the same id ,i want to find the same ids and hide one of them
help me plz
Updated 28-Jul-18 23:10pm

What about never add duplicate to gridview in the first place ?
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faezeh66 29-May-11 4:42am    
first i bind it from database
then i merge datatable to it from another place
now i want to show not duplicated row
Kim Togo 29-May-11 7:00am    
If you use .NET 3 and up. You can use Linq to make a distinct on a value?
Abhinav S 29-May-11 8:35am    
Good approach. 5.
Kim Togo 29-May-11 8:44am    
Try to filter this duplicate id / row in the query itself.
This would be the most optimized way of getting rid of duplicates.
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Kim Togo 29-May-11 8:44am    
And the same to you. My 5.
Abhinav S 29-May-11 10:07am    
Thank you.
It's not a good idea. Better handle those things in DataSource. Filter the data in DataSource(DataTable or something) & then bind it to GridView.

For your information
DataView.RowFilter Property[^]
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Kim Togo 29-May-11 8:46am    
My 5 for the .RowFilter.
Function findIDInGrid(ByVal array As ArrayList, ByVal s As String) As Integer
      Dim digit As Integer = -1
      For Each obj As Object In array
          If obj.ToString() = s Then
              digit = array.IndexOf(obj)
              Exit For
          End If

      Return digit
  End Function
  Protected Sub grdGoods_PreRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles grdGoods.PreRender

          Dim array As New ArrayList

          For Each row As GridViewRow In grdGoods.Rows
              Dim rug_Id As Label = CType(row.FindControl("rug_Id"), Label)
              If findIDInGrid(array, rug_Id.Text) <> -1 Then
                  grdGoods.Rows(findIDInGrid(array, rug_Id.Text)).Visible = False
              End If
              End If
end sub
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