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I have a function which returns an html code what I want to do is that i want to open html returned by the function in the pop up window. Help me how can i do that.. I m using this code..But it is giving "resource could not found " error. Here my Print Occupant function returns html.

<br />
string html = objEmailUtility.PrintOccupant(occupantsArrayList, objOccchkDTO);<br />
                    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();<br />
<br />
                    sb.Append("<script>");<br />
                    sb.Append("'html', '', '');");<br />
                    sb.Append("</script>");<br />
<br />
                    Page.RegisterStartupScript("test", sb.ToString());<br />

Plz Guide

1 solution

< SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript>
< !-- Begin
newWindow ='','newWin','toolbar=yes,location=yes,
The above line was broken in two for display purposes only!
< TITLE>window!</TITLE>
< /HEAD>
< BODY bgcolor='#FFFFFF' text='#000000' background='../Images/RoughGrey.gif'>
< DIV ALIGN='center'>
< H1><font color='#990000'>This is pretty cool stuff!</font></H1>
< IMG SRC='../Images/HouseOfWacks.jpg' width='535' height='268'>
< /DIV>
< /BODY>
< /HTML> ")
// End -->
< /HEAD>


Refer :[^]

go to "Creating ad hoc pages and filling them with HTML" and check live example.
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touseef4pk 31-May-11 7:32am    
Hi! i could not understand this code... what about the html which i have stored in variable(named html) of type string? How will i implement my logic in your code..?
Kiran Sonawane 31-May-11 7:38am    

Make sure your html attributes should be enclosed with single quote (not double quote). for instance, < DIV ALIGN='center'></DIV>, AND NOT

DIV ALIGN="center"></DIV>
touseef4pk 31-May-11 8:40am    
thanks it works now

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