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Am using TableMapping to load data to a data grid. as below
daCompanies.TableMappings.Add("tbl_permits", "companies")

I have a refresh button that just calls the same function used to initially load the data on the data grid. The refresh stops at the code above with an error:
The DataTableMapping.SourceTable is required to be unique, 'tbl_permits' already exists in the collection.

How do i clear OR save changes on the DataTableMapping.SourceTable to database and clear it before reloading it with data?

Updated 31-May-11 2:51am
ZeeroC00l 31-May-11 8:52am    
-- added pre, code tag for readability

joseph k 31-May-11 9:27am    
I would like to refresh this at this point:
<pre> DGVCompanies.DataSource = Nothing
DGVCompanies.DataSource = dsCompanies.Tables("companies").DefaultView

1 solution

Read the error message again. You're trying to add two mappings of the same table, when you can only map a table once. Either remove the line that's mapping the table, or check to see if the mapping already exists before you try to add it.
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joseph k 1-Jun-11 1:57am    
yes , that is true. I dont want to get rid of the first mapping because it is required when the form loads. My problem is Not the mapping, My problem is , how do i refresh the data grid without compromising the mappings. This is after i do a search and mapping details change and i need the data grid to reflect the new search results

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