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I want help regarding performance issues in wpf.I created user control in wpf and loaded user control in windows MDI using windows host.But whenever i load my user control in windows host it takes time to load.So can you help me out to counter this problem.
MDI?! In WPF?! Are you using Windows Forms - WPF Interoperation? Makes no sense! If so, your application must be Forms, not WPF. Is so, tag both.
karan739 8-Jun-11 3:24am
i used window interoperablity and loaded wpf user control in windows form using element host.I hope now you are getting what i am trying to say
Than was my guess. Now, do you add WPF control to the Forms application of Forms control to WPF application? Actually, it could be a performance problem...
Oh -- another thing: Never use MDI! Never. I advised it many time. Listen to a good advice. You can use a simple tabbing interface -- much better. Maybe it even help you to get rid off interop -- would be the best.

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Sure. The problem is in your initialisation code. Line 325. You need to not parse that file manually, if you optimise that code, it will run fine.

In other words, what on earth are you expecting here ? Your code has issues. But you don't show it to us, or even adequately explain it. How about you spend some time working out which bit is slowing you down, then post that code, so we can have a chance in hell of helping you ?
karan739 8-Jun-11 3:18am
thnx christian Graus,
Actually i searched googled for such kind of problem and i got issues posted like this so i just posted it And i wanted to knew whether element host takes time to load it or is there any problem in code as such I created a simple user control containing one textbox and tried to load it but than also it look long time.So I just posted it.I thought some one might have got such kind of issue so they might could help but you gave me an arrogant and immature response

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