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I have a client machine which is a production server. Os is Windows 2003 Server. Visual Studio is obiviously not installed.
I want to check the dependent dlls of the application.
Is ther any inbuilt utility provided by Windows, using which i can achieve this.

(I know that depdency walker and many other tools are available on the net, But i cannot install anything on the server as it is a live server.)

Thanks in advance.
Resmi Anna 8-Jun-11 5:04am    
there is no dependancy checker tool that comes with OS Windows 2003 have to install some tool:(
PrafullaVedante 8-Jun-11 5:36am    
Is ther any programatical way ?

If the server has a CD Rom or DVD drive you can put Sysinternals Process Explorer on a cd and execute the utility from the CD (They need to be unzipped prior to burning them to a cd)[^]

These are a great set of utilities for diagnosing many issues with the Windows environment.
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DependencyWalker doesn't require much of an install... its just an executable that you open the target executable from to see what the dependencies are. All you need is the executable on a USB drive (or something similar) and you can use it (including from the thumb drive!).

You also don't need to check dependencies on your target machine necessarily, you can check for dependencies elsewhere (since they won't change system to system), then all you have to do is make sure that all your dependencies for your application are either installed with your software or are deployed accordingly.
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there may be some way to do this progrmatically. but it is going to be such a big task like developing a dependancy walker tool.
one solution to this without installing anything on server is that,
copy the application from your server machine to a local machine where you have installed your dependancy checker tool.I assume your application size is not too big to copy.if you failed to copy any depended dll of the application, the tool will list it.
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PrafullaVedante 8-Jun-11 6:11am    
In recent times we accidentaly deployed the application with debug builds which links to debug runtime dlls. I just want to develop an applicatio which i can put on build machine which will check for the debug depdency so that we can avoid the application failure at customer end.
Resmi Anna 8-Jun-11 6:22am    
not clear:(

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