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HeadersLiteral.Text = If(contentType IsNot Nothing ,  "Content-Type: " & contentType & "<br />", String.Empty))
            HeadersLiteral.Text += (If(contentTransferEncoding IsNot Nothing, "Content-Transfer-Encoding: " & contentTransferEncoding, String.Empty)

The error is shown on if condition.
Any one please solve the error and please make an update.

error: experssion expected
Updated 8-Jun-11 21:28pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Jun-11 1:53am    
Tag the question properly: language, platform, UI library if applicable, etc.

Under "if" statement Boolean expression is expected: result of comparison or result of Boolean operator. Isn't that natural? It should be something returning True or False. Instead, you write Boolean expressions delimited by ',' (comma). Comma is not a Boolean operator.

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If appears as if you wrote your If statements like you were writing them in Excel:
If(condition, returnIfTrue, returnIfFalse)

That's not how it work in VB.NET:
If condition Then
End If
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