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I am running into following error while trying to port an old driver (written in C) from Win2k to Win7 using WDK 7600.163385.1:

code.c(x) : error C2054: expected '(' to follow 'i'

Code snippet:


Based on the information I have found so far, it may be due to missing definition of keywork 'IN', but I do not know where is it defined. Also, the error goes away if I rename .c file to .cpp file but I do not want to do so for 2 reasons:
1. it is a kernel level module for which cpp is unsupported by MS
2. I will need to make additional changes to my code since some other featues are compatible with only C program

I would appreciate any help and guidance.


1 solution

1. IN and OUT are usually define as nothing:

#define IN
#define OUT

(there is no keyword in C that distinguishes input and output parameters).

2. Try adding /P to your compiler command line ("Generate Preprocessed File" option in Visual Studio Properties page under C/C++, Preprocessor".)

That will save the preprocessor output to a separate file which you can then inspect to see what preprocessor definitions are being used.

(I suspect NTSTATUS is somehow defined as 'i' -- that's the most likely way you would get that error message.)

3. There shouldn't be a problem with compiling C code with the C++ compiler and using it for a kernel mode driver. You won't get in trouble using C++ if you are basically just writing C. You might get into trouble if you are using "advanced" features of C++ that aren't C and don't understand how the compiler is implementing those features. But you can cause the same problems using C if you want to (it's just that when you write the same thing in C it looks so complex that you know it's probably bad news.) See:[^]

However, I wouldn't just switch from C to CPP without understanding what the problem is. When problems just magically go away they have a habit of coming back and biting you later...
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