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I also have a similar problem. I have been troubleshooting this for nearly 3 days. I cannot find any information on the web. I am developing an application that retrieves information from the internet from html using the webbrowser object.

This is the situation. I have 3 tables in an access database file. Address, Investment_Property and, Corporation. First my program divides an address into its different parts ( building number, street address, street name, street type, zip code, city, state, county). Then it stores the address in the database then it determines the appropriate property appraiser website to navigate to after that it finds the registered owner of the property.

At this point it should store the the information to the database. The datbase is successfully updated through Investment_PropertyTableAdapter but then shortly after the debugger crashes. As soon the program calls Webbrowser.navigate to the next page and Application.DoEvents is called (a loop waiting for the webpage to finish) the debugger crashes. saying vshost32.exe has stopped working. It does not give any details only saying that a solution will be published by Microsoft if there is one. FYI I am running 32 bit windows 7 with 2 gb ram.

I am running visual studio 2010 and access 2007. Hardware issue? No I have ran this code on multiple machines. Same thing every time. Why use Access? because I need the database to interface with users using presentable and familiar forms for ease of use which Access provides very adequately. The other information that I can say is that I can store information to the db earlier in the process say before I have the property owner's name, but of course that will not help. I feel like somehow I am running out of memory or something. Maybe some Windows security is shutting the process down.

I am open to any suggestions. Under CPU in my processes vshost is running at about '50' though I'm not entirely sure what that number means. The database is a relational database but I have attempted to modify tables with no relationships at that point in the program but still no luck. I have completely combed Google for solutions and am out of ideas.

I will pay money to someone who can help me please email me at [removed]. Heres a link for the files[^] you may have to change the connection thread for the main database depending where you store it on your computer.
Updated 15-Jun-11 9:46am
Dave Kreskowiak 14-Jun-11 7:50am    
First, noone is going to download code from an unknown source.

Are you using threading at all?? The webbrowser will only work on the UI thread.
Slacker007 15-Jun-11 13:36pm    
Edited for readability. I also agree with Dave's comments.

1 solution

I have developed many an application in Access over the years and I highly recommend going to SQL Server Express 2005/2008 if you are going to use an application written in Visual Studio. Access is great for certain things but I wouldn't recommend using it for a back end to a robust application or application environment.
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