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can i get the source code of a program made in C#, i need it to understand how it works so i can build one, the program is about joining a game in warcraft3 lan over the internet for exemple like lancraft or yawle or lanrequest

what i found in the mean time:
Updated 15-Jun-11 23:07pm

Hello Dear
when you install VS , with VS some useful tools are installed . one of them is 'IL Disassembler' which placed in SDK . this tool disassemble the MSIL Files.
when debugging any .NET program for example 'C# projects' , Debugger generate a MSIL file which its extension is exe . for exaple when you debug your project which names 'WindowsApplication1' , debugger makes a file WindowsApplication1.exe , this is a MSIL file.
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Аslam Iqbal 15-Jun-11 13:22pm    
good idea.
S Houghtelin 15-Jun-11 13:32pm    
The disassembeler allows user to see the pseudo assembly language for .NET. IL disassmeber tool shows namespace and types including their interfaces. But will not reproduce the C# code, Useful yes, but not for what the OP wants to do.

The OP would do well to research lan over the internet techniques.
Gabriel Sas 15-Jun-11 14:08pm    
i knew i could use IDA for the assembly code, but i found out some other programs that can generate the C# code(e.g. DIS#,, but they are all trial. do you know some other decompilers?
You can ask the publisher of the application real nice, not likely going to happen. Otherwise you can search for the source code if it is open source on Google.

Some applications can be reverse engineered but requires an extensive, in depth knowledge far beyond the abilities of most fledgling (and experienced) programmers.
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Gabriel Sas 15-Jun-11 14:03pm    
i already asked the publisher, and done a lot of google, i found some forums about it, interested in them?
S Houghtelin 15-Jun-11 14:11pm    
I hope that publisher was willing to provide assistance.

It sounds like you are honing your research skills. Perhaps you can update your question to include the links you found helpful so that others who are interested in the same type of application can learn from your experience.

Kind Regards
esmailian 16-Jun-11 5:53am    
I have not much experience in network programs but somehow I do not know these programs through the Internet multiplayer games will be on building a simulator network environment to get paid until the port is specified what information sent or taken Can be made ​​to the server maker such simulator server games like Word War Craft
If you Want to spend bout $40 bucks get Red Gate's .Net Reflector. but only works if the program is .net assembly
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Gabriel Sas 16-Jun-11 5:04am    
one of my friends just told me yesterday about .net reflector, i dwld it and it works just fine it's 14 days trial enough for what i want, just the thing i needed. thanks anyway

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