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Dear Friends,

I have an issue showing sorted record in grid view in 4.0. I have put order by clause in the query on date basis and after that on serial no basis like:-

"select * from [TableName] order by [Date] desc, [SerialNo] desc".

But my problem is that it sorts the data according to date but when it comes to sorting of record on the same date where serial no are like 37/1/1/ROR/20 and 37/1/1/ROR/9, It actually puts 37/1/1/ROR/9 before 37/1/1/ROR/20 as sql server 2008 pads a zero after a single digit hence making the serial no.

37/1/1/ROR/9 to 37/1/1/ROR/90 therefore putting it before 37/1/1/ROR/20.

And in the end the sorted list goes wrong.

Can anyone help me in this.?


Varun Sareen

1 solution

This will work
SELECT * FROM [TableName] ORDER BY [Date] DESC, CAST(REPLACE([SerialNo], '37/1/1/ROR/','') AS BIGINT) DESC

My suggestion is if you create additional columns by splitting the SerialNo column then it will be easy to handle these kind of things instead of above way.

SerialNo      - AC1 AC2 AC3 AC4 AC5
37/1/1/ROR/90 - 37  1   1   ROR 90

Note : AC - Additional column
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