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How can you assign set of user given string inputs to a jagged array?

Number of input sentences may differ from user to user.

Example :- child ate rice. We went on a trip. <= Input is a user given one (through a text box). Each sentence must be allocated each row and words to columns.

row and Column values of the array
array[0] [] = child ate rice. <= first row
array[1] [] = We went on a trip <= second row

array[0] [0] =>child
array[0] [1] => ate

How can I access the last index of each row?

Thank you.
[no name] 20-Jun-11 23:56pm    
Or Yahoo! Search it, Bing it, or wing it.

You problem is reduced to the following one: how to get length of array in each of its (two in your case) dimensions.

If your rows and columns numbers are zero-based (which is the default), use the method System.Array.GetLength(int dimension), see[^].

You can also find your bound of indexing for non zero-based arrays. For this purpose, use the methods System.Array.GetLowBound(int dimension) and System.Array.GetUpperBound(int dimension). See:[^],[^].

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I suppose this link will help you
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