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I have 2 drop down lists, the first bound to a unit name and the second bound to a city name which are read from XML

public ActionResult Test()

            string strXmlpath = Server.MapPath("~\\Models\\Location.xml");

            var unit=from u in XDocument .Load (strXmlpath ).Document .Descendants ("Unit") select u;
            List<SelectListItem> lst = new List<SelectListItem>();
            foreach (var u in unit)
                if (u.Attribute("ID").Value == "2")
                    var city = u.Elements("city");
                    foreach (var c in city)
                        lst.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = c.Attribute("Name").Value, Value = c.Attribute("ID").Value });

            ViewData["cites"] = lst;

            var model = new UnitViewModel
                Units = from units in XDocument.Load(strXmlpath).Document.Descendants("Unit")

                        select new SelectListItem
                            Value = units.Attribute("ID").Value,
                            Text = units.Attribute("Name").Value

            List<SelectListItem> items = new List<SelectListItem>();
            foreach (var v in model.Units)

                    items.Add(new SelectListItem
                        Text = v.Text,
                        Value = v.Value

            ViewData["xml"] = items;

            return View();

but now when change the unit drop down list value,
the city dropdownlist should bind to the city Subset for the unit.

i know should use cascading drop down lists and json but i search in google and did not find reference or example which help me .
please help me?
EDIT: Fixed format, grammar.
Updated 26-Jun-11 5:42am

1 solution

This link might help you with cascading dropdowns using WebMethods. To use JSON as datasource you might want to try this.

Hope this helps!
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