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Hello everybody,

I have a problem that need your help.
I have some code in VB6 as below:

Public Type Employ
    arrName(10) as String    
End Type

And Now I want to use them in VB.NET 2010 as following:
Public Structure Employ
    Dim arrName(10) as String    
End Structure

and VB.NET display error:
"Arrays declared as structure members cannot be declared with initial size"

do you have which Solution to initialize a size for array arrName the same in VB6

please help me.

Thanks in advance

This[^] covers the basics. Your problem is that you're doing it inside a struct. Which means, I believe, you need to do

Dim arrName() as String

and then set a size when you use it, with Redim. At least, that's what I find when I google that error message.
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dear ngthtra,

I also think solution 1 is right, hope this example will help u.

Sub Main()
     Dim emp As Employ
     ReDim emp.arrName(4)
 End Sub
 Public Structure Employ
     Dim arrName() As String
 End Structure
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