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Dynamic Controls with Event is always firing even if i click on submit it is firing.
Can anybody help me out here??
[no name] 7-Jul-11 5:43am    
which event???? can you please name some event??
ParthaDinda 7-Jul-11 7:15am    
try to write your code in ItemCreated event and test it i think it will work

1 solution

Write this in the event

e.Handled = true;

if page event

then use

//Data Binding Code
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HK from SRT 7-Jul-11 5:51am    
Already done still facing problem
I dont want it to fire every time but in selectedIndexChange the actual event that occurs
[no name] 7-Jul-11 5:54am    
selectedIndexChange which control.

If you are binding the data to the control then it will get called.

Please Show us some code.
HK from SRT 7-Jul-11 6:02am    
I have repeater rptQuestions_ItemDataBound:
inside this controles are dynamically created
like: ListControl lstMCQAnswer = new RadioButtonList();
then i create events for that controles like: lstMCQAnswer.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(lstControlQuestionOption_SelectedIndexChanged);
lstMCQAnswer.AutoPostBack = true;
All inside repeater and repeater data are binding under:
when if(!IsPostBack)
{ condition
Now suppose my list control is drop down then on its selected index change event i m getting one textbox.
But now when i enter some data on that textbox and if try to submit it.Uneccesary drop down selected index change is called my control is againg created and i lost my data.

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