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I want to create a trial version application, for that I need to hide in the system some critical information like a license key or the number of remained days.

My question is there any standard way to do this in C++?
Updated 10-Jul-11 8:50am

What you're looking for is a license manager. There's several available, look for them in Google[^]. One of the most popular license managers is FlexNet Publisher (formerly FlexLM)[^].

As Christian just mentioned however, you do have to pay for most license managers and protection is never guaranteed (and usually not super hard to get around).
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Ask yourself this. If there was a 'standard' way to do this, wouldn't that mean that everyone who knew the 'standard' would know where to look to defeat your protection. It gets worse, all the tricks you used to be able to do to REALLY hide this data, are gone in Windows 7, where your write access to the file system is severely limited. However, it doesn't matter that much, most users will have no idea how to defeat your system, and any anti piracy system can and will be defeated, the aim is just to get most people to pay.

You CAN buy off the shelf dongle SDKs, but the fact that you're asking this here, makes me suspect you won't want to pay the price for those. Apart from that, you need to roll your own.
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Ashish Tyagi 40 11-Jul-11 1:49am    
Ha ha ha... But there are some 'standard' encryption algorithms like RSA, DES etc, but no one can defeat it. Ha aha aha... Just joking...
Ashish Tyagi 40 11-Jul-11 1:50am    
+4 from me...
Emilio Garavaglia 11-Jul-11 2:41am    
The concept is weak. Security relates to keys, not to algorithms. There can be a standard like there is a standard for encrypted communications (IPSEC). Simply there is not enough "critical mass" for such exigence to lead to such a standard. The standardization effort will be higher than rolling your own way.
Vijay Pate 2-Aug-11 15:31pm    
I am doing this to learn the process of C++,if I buy tha package then purpose of learning will go in vain.
There is no standard way, but you can use a ready-to-use license manager tool like CryptoLicensing.
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