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I need to upload xml files from a VM server to a sharepoint site.
This needs to be secure and automated

Could anyone please tell me that, how this can be done?
Updated 12-Jul-11 10:19am

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You are going to have to elaborate a bit.

There are many ways to get files to a SharePoint site and some of them depend on which version you are using, what type of repository you are moving them to, and a few other things.
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vjunnu 12-Jul-11 17:05pm    
I improved the question.
Do you mean by the SharePoint version?
if yes: its Windows SharePoint services 3.0

There are XML files stored at a location in a VM server. I want them to upload them on the site. and this should be automated

Could you please advice now?
[no name] 12-Jul-11 17:55pm    
I improved the question" ?!? By changing transfer to upload ??? That is hardly an improvement.

Where do you want these files uploaded to? A list? A Library? Is there a content type associated with the file? Is this process run on the SharePoint server? On a site? On a remote machine? Is it for a timer job?

You have still left many questions unanswered.

How much experience with SharePoint do you have?
vjunnu 12-Jul-11 18:29pm    
I have the access to the share-point path where the files have to be uploaded, currently I am copying those files from the VM server and uploading them on site manually.

Answering the questions:
"Is there a content type associated with the file?
No, these are xml files generated by a software testing tool,which are currently stored on the VM server.

Is this process run on the SharePoint server? On a site? On a remote machine?
I am sceptical about where to run this process, but considering my case I believe that this process should run on the remote machine(in my case VM server)and do the needful upload(Please correct if I am wrong)

Is it for a timer job? "
every time its notices a new file on the VM server, the program needs to pick that file and upload it on the Sharepoint site.

The entire intention is that, this needs to be done without user intervention.
But can we do this at VM server level, so that one do not have to rely on the local machine to do this process.
I am a beginner with share-point

My apologies for not providing sufficient information, I hope this time I have provided enough information.
[no name] 12-Jul-11 18:43pm    
By your answers you have no experience with SharePoint and I would recommend you first understand the tool and how to use it.

From a remote system you have one choice, the SharePoint web service.

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