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Hi Guys,

I have a table which looks like this

1 | Transport |  Bus-Service | .....

2 | Transport | Tain-Service | ......

3 | Facilities  | Bus-Service..| ...

4 | Facilities  | Rail-service..| .....

and my objective is to display


   Bus Service ....

   Train Service...


   Bus Service..

   Tain Service...

This Data is coming from database.. Now what I am doing is on server side I am looping through the table like if(data == "Transport") and binding all it's corresponding data into one repeater... and same with Facilities..

Now my UI looks like

   <h2> Transport </h2>

 <asp> repeater databind= "Transport looped data"...

<h2> facilities </h2>

<asp> repeater databind ="Facilities looped data"...

But ideally this is not looking good(hard coding header)

I am trying to do like this so that I don't have to hard code for each header..

<asp> ListView ...>


   <h2> header(From database) </h2>





My problem is for one header there are sub items.. I have to display header only once

How do I get rid of header duplicates???

Any idea .. Thanks alot
Updated 28-Jan-23 1:17am

If I understood your problem correctly, I would replace the ListView with a TreeView[^]

Here is a nice article on binding data to the TreeView:
Binding Data With ‘TreeView’ Control 2.0[^]

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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Nested repeater control should solve your problem. The idea is Column2 (Transport/Facilities) will bind to outer repeater and inner repeater will bind Column3(Bus-Service/Tain-Service) specific to respective outer repeater value, this way you do not have to hard code any value. Similar idea implementation references is given below,

A quick guide to using nested repeaters in ASP.NET[^][^][^]
Hope this will help.
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Jayadheer Reddy 17-Jul-11 20:02pm    
Thanks for your response. I did the same. I created a class which holds one header value and list of all elements that belongs to that header. I made a list and bind it to ListView in which I have used nested repeater controls..
Thanks a lot..

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