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Hi, can anyone explain me how to assign a null value to a datetime object in
thanks in advance

Dim dt as DateTime = System.DBNull.Value
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s.faizaan7 18-Jul-11 3:32am    
no, it gives error as value type of dbnull cannot be converted to date.
The problem is i have a date time picker with a checkbox, whenever the checkbox is unchecked the dtp is disabled. at this point of time i want to assign null value to my dtp
Simon_Whale 18-Jul-11 4:54am    
You can't assign null value to a date you need to use the nullable(of datetime) to make it work e.g

Dim dt as nullable(of datetime) = nothing
Cimak666 12-Feb-19 15:37pm    
great idea ! ! ! Works perfect!
s.faizaan7 19-Jul-11 6:34am    
thank works
Toniyo Jackson 19-Jul-11 6:38am    
You are welcome :)
If you are using .Net 2.0 or greater, you can always use a nullable type.

Declare your field as DateTime? dt;
Then set dt = null;

In VB.NET, use this:
Dim dt As System.Nullable(Of DateTime)
dt = Nothing
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Toniyo Jackson 18-Jul-11 3:32am    
He is using VB.Net?
Member 10235047 12-Nov-13 4:17am    
dtpscheDt.Text = Null
Tarun.K.S 18-Jul-11 3:37am    
Toniyo Jackson 18-Jul-11 3:40am    
This will not work. Please see OP comment in my answer
Tarun.K.S 18-Jul-11 3:38am    
5 for the solution.

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