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i need project code for online stock trading in
Updated 20-Jul-11 2:32am
Dylan Morley 20-Jul-11 6:48am    
Buy low, sell high is the key here.

You will be a millionaire in no time
Reiss 20-Jul-11 6:55am    
but I wanted to be the next Warren Buffett...
Dylan Morley 20-Jul-11 6:56am    
Then you will need to use c#, not VB.Net
Smithers-Jones 20-Jul-11 12:12pm    
Hahaha, you are joking, right?

So cute! It ain't going to happen bubba.

Do you want buy or sell side? Even if I gave you some examples, your brain would melt.

0. Learn the FIX 5.0 protocol. You'll need to build a FIX engine on top of TCP/IP, there maybe some 'free' but any company worth it's salt would not distribute this as everyone tries to keep the latency low using specialised tricks; it's fun.
1. Licence your market data. This costs. A lot. You can't trade without live - or at least near live - prices and you'll probably want to have Level 2 as well as the spot.
2. Exchange certification. Once the code is done you'll need to buy a test connection into whichever exchange[s] you want; these normally cost around $5,000 up front and $1-2,000 per month. You can then certify your app against the exchange. You'll need to do this on every exchange you want to trade on.
3. Trader certification. Your code might work but can you? To trade on any exchange you need a licence and these cost.

I have more than 50 people doing this just for European markets plus another 200 covering other regions. If you want to do this on your own, good luck.
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Take a look at these articles[^] just to get a feel for how easy this would be.
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