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Hi I'm making a website in (C#)and I'm having problems getting the date from the calendar and assigning a value to that date and printing it out in a textbox. I've tried all sorts of things but it just won't go. I'm a severe noob and would really appreciate some help.
My latest attempt looked somewhat like this:

if Calendar1.SelectedDate = ""
textBox1.Text = "";

I tried around with datetime, strings, etc. without any luck.

Have a look at the Calendar sample here[^].
Just using SelectedDate as show here[^].
Remember though that this is a server control.
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Try this quick solution for C# Windows Forms:

DateTime selectedDate = Convert.ToDateTime(monthCalendar1.SelectionStart);
textBox1.Text = selectedDate.ToShortDateString();

Test it by putting the code within the monthCalendar1_DateSelected event.

Try this solution for ASP.NET Web Applications:

DateTime selectedDate = Convert.ToDateTime(Calendar1.SelectedDate);
TextBox1.Text = selectedDate.ToShortDateString();

Test by putting the code within the Calendar1_SelectionChanged event.
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Not exactly what i wanted. What I'm to do is have events show in the textbox. For instance if the user's current selection is 28/07/2011 It'll write "meeting friends". Thanks anyway. It gave me a rough idea.
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Eslam Mostafa 24-Jul-11 2:29am    
what about this solution?
i'm fined a nice solution take it

your form should contain
1- tow textbox one of them visible=false
2- calender


//code under calender
TextBox1.Text = Calendar1.SelectedDate.ToShortDateString().ToString();//this textbox visible=false

if (TextBox1.Text == "7/1/2011")
          TextBox2.Text = "meeting";
          TextBox2.Text = TextBox1.Text;


to fill 30 days use elseif(){}
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Eslam Mostafa 24-Jul-11 2:32am    
and you can use enum in this case
Thanks. Disn't think of that. Case closed :-)
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