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i want to create a new user control, which contain one groupbox with 3 radio buttons, the group box and radio buttons created at runtime inside the user control.

my problem, the groupbox and radio buttons didnt appear when add the user contol on the vb2008 form.

please help?

Added from OP's comment

hi, the following property use to create a groupbox with radio buttons.
Public Property TableCheckTypes() As DataTable 
Return m_TableCheckTypes 
End Get 

Set(ByVal value As DataTable) 
m_TableCheckTypes = value 
If m_TableCheckTypes Is Nothing Then Exit Property 

GroupBox1 = New System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox 
GroupBox1.Location = New Point(280, 10) 
GroupBox1.Size = New Size(29, 25) 
Dim Counter As Integer = 0 

For Each row As DataRow In m_TableCheckTypes.Rows 
rdo = New System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton 
rdo.Name = "rdo" & Counter + 1 
rdo.Appearance = System.Windows.Forms.Appearance.Button 
rdo.Size = New Size(25, 25) 
rdo.Location = New Point(2, 8 + (Counter * 24)) 
rdo.TextAlign = System.Drawing.ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter 
rdo.UseVisualStyleBackColor = True 
rdo.Text = row("CheckTypeCode")
 rdo.Tag = row("CheckTypeID")
 AddHandler rdo.CheckedChanged, AddressOf rdo_CheckedChanged 
 rdo.Visible = True 
 Counter += 1 

GroupBox1.Height = Counter * 24 + 10 
 GroupBox1.Visible = True 
End Set 
End Property
Updated 6-Aug-11 23:12pm

1 solution

with out seeing some code part of or all we can't really see where you have gone wrong!
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Simon_Whale 27-Jul-11 18:00pm    
from looking at what you have sent I can see that you have attempted to create a user control in the wrong way. I would suggest that you read and follow this article, It is a walkthrough article showing you how to create and use custom usercontrols

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