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Currently I am trying to implement a way in which a user selects some values from certain drop down list and then search using a query according to those selected values the domain will be selected as example ( just for illustration ) :

First drop down list values ( Facebook , Twitter , Google+ )
Second drop down list values ( Images , Groups , Pages ).
Both drop down lists is going to determine the domain/sub-domain to search.

Search box ( box to enter search query ).

If a user selects Facebook & Groups and enters a group name .It will search using this domain "Facebook/Groups" for that specific name and so on.

Is there a way to implement such a way without making different engines and connect to those engines ?
Updated 1-Aug-11 4:46am

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You don't say what language you are coding in but most offer some WebBrowser control that you can add to your app. A quick search of MSDN[^] or the Java Docs[^] should get you what you are looking for.
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KaRaMiLo 1-Aug-11 7:21am    
I really don't think that the programming language will differ as I want to do that using javascript !
Richard MacCutchan 1-Aug-11 10:46am    
OK, so this is a JavaScript problem. Which part of the above do you need help with?
KaRaMiLo 1-Aug-11 10:59am    
What I want to know , whether it is possible to change the domain to search in using JavaScript upon user entries as shown in the above example.
But I tried to find a way but I failed .
Richard MacCutchan 1-Aug-11 12:45pm    
What do you mean by "change the domain"? You can either do a general search using Google, or login to a specific site and use the search facility from that site; but every one has their own search feature.
KaRaMiLo 1-Aug-11 14:27pm    
hmm , I hope the following example can make it clear :
default domain :
when a user want to search for a match to download then i want him to search only in the following :
if he wants to watch a match online then he will search in here :

and so on for each feature in order to let the result be more accurate according to his needs

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