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I need to install C# windows service with database.

I need to create installer like that:

1. check if there is SQL Server 2008
2. if can't find SQL Server - than ask client to choose the path or leave.
3. check if there is .NET Framework 4.0
4. Eventually install .NET Framework 4.0 - if it's missing

5. Connect and log into SQL Server,
6. Create tables, procs etc (run sql scripts)..

7. Install windows service from cmd line. In this point I also have to setup the connectionstring in my app.config - is that possible?)

I thought, Inno Setup will be good tool - but now I don't know if it's possible with that tool?

Could you help me, how to do that? Specially with that database. I have no idea how to connect to sql server and create database with tables, from Inno setup for example. Please help.
Updated 28-Jul-11 12:45pm

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I've never used Inno setup, but I've never seen a setup program that can do that. Requiring .NET 4 is easy. SQL Server is a commercial product, so you're better off, as the user has to set up a connection string anyhow, just asking the user for that and/or checking if SQL Server appears to be present as part of the initial first run of the program. This also allows a user to finish installing your program first, then install SQL Server. How do you install the DB to SQL Server ? I'd run scripts from inside your program, this also allows the user to do that to reset the DB, or set up a new one.
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mnd017 29-Jul-11 8:29am    
Thank you, that is a good idea. I will do that like this:
1. First install windows service (with .net framework and config-application)
2. Next step for user will be open config-application, and set up database settings (only at first step) - connection string, create database with tables ect (using sql scripts.
3. And final step will be Start windows service.
I think that is a good idea.

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