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I'm briefed to 'get the site on Facebook and Twitter', and I'll throw in LinkedIn for good measure. I'd like some recommendations on what I can do, and what I should do to give these networks as much exposure as possible in the site I am developing. Trawling the documentation provided by these sites for such things hasn't proved too much fun for me, so maybe answers here by devs that know the pros and cons of various approaches is what I need.

Currently I have a Twitter button on the home page, linked to the site's Twitter profile, so users can follow the site, and a Facebook "Like this" button. The latter is a complete black box to me, running inside an iframe, but it's here I start to get a little unsure. It seems I should have two Facebook entry points, i.e. one for 'liking the site', whatever that does, and one for 'liking some content', which I assume should post the content to the site's Facebook account, and include the user as somebody who liked that content.
Equivalent to the above, for Twitter and LinkedIn is a 'Share this' button for both networks, which will post a status update from the sites Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, respectively.

So, in a closing summary:

What routes of integration should I be using from Facebook in what scenarios, and how can I best use them in an MVC3 app, if there is any difference? Also, is what I think I have gleaned about twitter and linkedin correct?
Keith Barrow 31-Jul-11 5:58am    
I hope you get an answer, I'm going down this route too :)
Brady Kelly 31-Jul-11 16:36pm    
@Keith, I've had this question languishing on StackOverflow since yesterday with no answers. One downvote and one favourite, but not even a comment in the way of any help. Looks like I'll be doing some reading on these networks' sites, but I'll be sure to share what I find, in a nice article or blog.
Keith Barrow 1-Aug-11 14:59pm    
I've bookmarked this question, if I beat you to the punch and get an article or tip/trick out first I'll try to remember to let you know. Wouldn't hold your breath, everything at work has top priority seemingly.

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