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I am using an Infopath form to capture an event’s registration (the company picnic). The form captures person's name, office and if they are attending. When the Infopath form is submitted to the document library, a workflow runs to take the submitted values of the form and dump them in to a separate custom list. If the person resubmits the form, it updates the record in the custom list.

Here's my problem: when a user submits the form, the workflow starts and then stops because it gets permission denied error updating an item in the list. Only site owners such as myself and my boss can submit the Infopath form and have the workflow execute properly. At present I am having to manually run the workflow in order to get it to process the InfoPath form.

I noticed that the workflow was reporting an error caused by the system account. I’ve tried giving the system account full permission on bothe the custom list and the form library. I even gave a coworker full permission to both lists and still got the permission denied error updating n item in the list.

I am unsure what permission I need to change and to which account I need to apply it.


PS. The site is a moss 2007 standard site.

You seem to be adding a few unncessary steps in the process.

Why use a Document Library as the interrum respository? Just so you can use InfoPath? Why even have this two step process?

You can create a custom list to store the necessary information, with a custom content type, and implement an event receiver for the ItemAdding event. You don't even need an InfoPath form since SharePoint will provide a UI from your content type. The forms can be customized in SPD or Custom SharePoint List Forms[^]
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BeaverMjr 4-Aug-11 13:40pm    
I've done some research into event receivers and have learned that I would need to get a copy of Visual Studio, which I don't have/have never used. I've done all my SP work in the designer.

what are the advantages of using visual studio as opposed to designer?
[no name] 4-Aug-11 14:11pm    
"Maybe it's because you're all smoke and mirrors."

And now you expect to recieve an answer?

"I've done all my SP work in the designer"

That explains a lot. You only know how to configure SharePoint not develop with it.
I know nothing about adding event handlers to a custom list. I'll read up on it. I'd also need an event handler so people could update their registration if needed.

I'll check into this for the next event, in the meantime, do you have any ideas as to why my workflows are being denied permission to add an item to the list?
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[no name] 1-Aug-11 20:38pm    
Don't add an answer, add a comment.

Your workflows are not working because you are not using the tool correctly. Learn what SharePoint is and how to use it and work with it before you go any further. It take some time at first but it will save you, and your company in the long run. I have "rescued" many projects that were done by people not taking the time to learn the tools first, and it cost several times more in time and money to do so.
BeaverMjr 3-Aug-11 9:29am    
First off, I know what SharePoint is and how to use it. The workflow I created works and does what I needed it to. I simply had a question with a feature that was not functioning as I expected it to for some users. Don't assume that I'm a novice simply because I ask a question. How else am I supposed to learn? I'm sure you don't know everything about SP.

Secondarially, I have been working with Sharepoint for about two years. I know a lot but sometimes need assistance when some feature doesn't work as I would expect it to. In the future, take your "open mouth, insert foot" attitude elsewhere.

Regarding adding an answer, I didn't see the link to add a comment. It is a bit hidden and not setup the way other sites are, where all posts are comments till someone tags one as a solution.
[no name] 3-Aug-11 22:29pm    
If this site is too difficult for you then go use the other sites.
Just because have supposedly used SP for two years and have created a workflow doesn't mean you actually know what you are doing. By the setup you have discribed it is clear you don't.

Have a nice day.
BeaverMjr 4-Aug-11 13:51pm    
I didn't say anything near the fact that workflows were not clear to me. I understand them and how they work. Infact the one I created worked as expected. The thing that was not clear was the fact that the error showed the system account receiving access denied. I eventually figured out that the workflow was being run using the individual users permission level. If you've rescued so many projects, why couldn't you have given me the answer? Maybe it's because you're all smoke and mirrors. Rather than help me get from 99% working to 100%, you'd rather berate me for not knowing everything. That doesn't make you look at all knowledgable or professional.

Have a good day.
[no name] 4-Aug-11 14:13pm    
"Maybe it's because you're all smoke and mirrors"
Ok, let's see your articles, your answers, your certifications, your projects. Want tickets to one of my presentations?
In order for people to be able to run workflows which modify a list, they need to have at least edit level permission on that list.
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