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Hello friends...

I am trying to download gridview's dada in EXCEL file..
for this First I'm creating a file and using Response.Addheader to download it...
The file downaloded successfully.. no issue with this..
I have no problem while this program executes.... But when I try to open my EXCEL file it doesn't open.
For this I looked into Task Manager that already a EXCEL process working due to which I'm not able to open.. so every time I need to kill the process and then open the file..
I used Process class to kill the process through the program this helped me bit..
because I don't need to close process explicitly from Task manager...
But again... If I have opened 3 other excel file this approach closes all the previous opened files..
Help me...

I'm pasting code below
string fileName = "Record FROM " + ddlFromDate.SelectedValue.Trim() + " to " + ddlTodate.SelectedValue.Trim();
        if (File.Exists(@"D:\Manish\" + fileName))
            fileName += "1";
        Excel.ApplicationClass excel = new Excel.ApplicationClass();
        Excel.Workbook workbook = excel.Application.Workbooks.Add(true);
        excel.Cells[1, 1] = "Caller ID";
        excel.Cells[1, 2] = "Holder Name";//exportdata.Columns[1].ColumnName;
        excel.Cells[1, 3] = "Job Level";//exportdata.Columns[2].ColumnName;
        excel.Cells[1, 4] = "Org.Unit";// exportdata.Columns[3].ColumnName;
        excel.Cells[1, 5] = "District";// exportdata.Columns[4].ColumnName;
        excel.Cells[1, 6] = "Episode";// exportdata.Columns[5].ColumnName;
        excel.Cells[1, 7] = "Recording Date";// exportdata.Columns[6].ColumnName;
        excel.Cells[1, 8] = "Recording Time";// exportdata.Columns[7].ColumnName;
        int row = 1;
        foreach (DataRow currRow in exportdata.Rows)
            for (int i = 1; i < 9; i++)
                excel.Cells[row, i] = currRow[exportdata.Columns[i].ColumnName];
        string path = @"D:\Manish\"+fileName;
        object missing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;
        workbook.SaveAs(path, Excel.XlFileFormat.xlExcel7, missing, missing,false, false, Excel.XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlNoChange, missing, missing, missing, missing);
        foreach(Process proc in Process.GetProcessesByName("EXCEL")
        FileInfo getInfo = new FileInfo(@"D:\Manish\" + fileName + ".xls");
        if (getInfo.Exists)
            Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + getInfo.Name);
            Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.xls";
Updated 1-Aug-11 21:04pm

Hello Manish,

private void releaseObject(object obj)
              obj = null;
          catch (Exception ex)
              obj = null;
              MessageBox.Show("Unable to release the Object " + ex.ToString());

use this function and provide the name of ur object. Hoping it will help you.

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Manish Kumar Namdev 2-Aug-11 2:45am    
Hello Sanjeev Singh thanks to rpely...
this worked fine..
but it wasn't that what I am looking.. after using your code.. the EXCEL process still remains in Task manager due to which i am not able to open saved file.. I don't want to close all the excel file but just want to dispose or kill or cancel the excel process which started when I had stared to save my data using Excel.ApplicationClass excel = new Excel.ApplicationClass();...
I am still terminating manually excel process from Task Manager
[no name] 2-Aug-11 2:47am soon as you finish with work with your object 'excel' call the method and it will close the object.
You can refer the below link for solution
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