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I want to connect to a free space internet with my C# program as if I use break filter software for example I want to write a URL in my text box and when I Press Going button I go to every website that I want without filtering can I?

No, not really. It depends on where the filtering is done - if it is your company connection and they have filtered your access then subverting it could get you fired.

If it is your ISP, then subverting it could get you kicked out.

If you are living in a restrictive regime, and they have mandated filtering, then you could be shot.

In any case, now you know the risks, your best bet is to look at internet Proxies[^] and start from there.
Depending on the filtering though, it may either not work, or may draw attention to yourself...
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_Starbug_ 3-Aug-11 7:05am    
in the other words I for passing from filtering first go to and in this websites I type my address and go to free internet how can do this with C#
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Aug-11 6:12am    
Exactly what I thought too! 5+

*sound of me frantically searching for my tinfoil hat* :P
You could always try to use an "Anonymous Proxy". If you're trying to circumvent filters put in place by your employer I strongly suggest you stay clear of such activities. Filter are put in place for a reason and you're best advised not to try and circumvent them.

If you're doing this for other reasons I'd say you google Anonymous proxy server list. That should give you enough links to find what you're looking for.

Best Regards,

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I understand your frustration regarding this issue. WebSense being the offender in my case. You cannot bypass the filtering proxy with a c# program. What you can do, as OriginalGriff says, is google for free proxy sites and try to find those not blocked by your filtering program to use as an intermediate to browse uninhibited. It has worked for me before and can usually browse the internet for a week unobscured, but they always catch up and block that site as well. It all depends on how strict their policy is though.
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