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hi to all,
I am developing a website that have various modules.
It have EMPCODE on various forms as link button.
I want to show employee information on various forms on mouse over on link button using ajax.

>I does not want to design panel on each form for showing employee information.
>is it possible by making a method as in windows application so that i can call it on each form.
if yes how it is possible?
uspatel 7-Aug-11 13:29pm    
Please any body suggest some ideas that make above task easy

1 solution

You may create a DIV dynamically & add your content to that & then you can show that in UI on mouseover.

Dynamically Create a DIV tag using Server-Side code or JavaScript[^]
DIV Popup for the OnmouseOver Event[^]

Consider you have received data in DataTable from database.
So Now your DataTable(dtEmployee) has 1 row based on given EmpCode
if (dtEmployee.Rows.Count > 0)
 StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
 sb.AppendLine("Employee Name : <b>" + dtEmployee.Rows[0]["EmployeeName"].ToString() + "</b>");
 sb.AppendLine("DOB : <b>" + dtEmployee.Rows[0]["DOB"].ToString() + "</b>");
 sb.AppendLine("Phone : <b>" + dtEmployee.Rows[0]["Phone"].ToString() + "</b>");
 Div1.InnerHtml = sb.ToString();//Finally assign the dynamic value to the dynamic DIV


Change the coding based on your requirement.
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uspatel 8-Aug-11 2:15am    
thank you very much for Your answer.
so my 5!
can You please tell me that how to add data fetched from database in this div.
thatraja 8-Aug-11 2:38am    
Check my updated answer.
BTW why don't you join GIT? Clickety Cheers.
uspatel 8-Aug-11 2:44am    

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