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hi ,

I want to write c language program in note pad and execute it.
Updated 10-Mar-21 17:36pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Aug-11 12:16pm    

Why ?

Use Visual Studio Express[^], it is free and have a very nice interface, debugging etc..
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walterhevedeich 7-Aug-11 11:54am    
Correct. Visual C++, specifically. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:18am    
You can't. You need to have at least a compiler to do so.
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You can write a C program in Notepad and compile it using any compiler (such as gcc or microsoft's vc) and although it may seem like a good place to start to learn C, its really not a great approach. Notepad lacks the keyword font coloring, bookmarking, automatic indentation, integration with auto-complete/fill programs, and many other features that make working with IDE's useful. Even when working with gcc in linux, you'd always want to use an editor that is smart enough to do some of these things for you.

So consider using one of the free available IDEs instead (Studio Express, CodeBlocks, Eclipse with CDT, NetBeans), there's a lot to choose from.
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walterhevedeich 7-Aug-11 17:48pm    
Well said. My 5.
Albert Holguin 7-Aug-11 17:58pm    
thank you...
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:18am    
Good answer. My 5.

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