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What is the best way of passing more than 1 parameter via VB.Net to a Crystal Report.

At the moment I can pass 1 parameter e.g.

ParameterField.ParameterFieldName = "Country"
ParameterValue.Value = "England"

What I want is the above plus say Capital e.g. "London"

So the parameters going into the Crystal Report would be England & London

How is this done?

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Updated 8-Aug-11 5:04am

There is no reason why a Crystal Report can't have more than one parameter. Just add another parameter field to the report and place it on the report where you want it, then copy the code you have in your question and edit it with the new parameter's field name and value in order to set it. If that's not what you are having trouble with, please be more specific about what is causing problems.
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Agree with Kschuler.

Why don't you send the value "England & London" to the parameterfield Country?

Or otherwise go with his idea. Create two parameter fields Country & City & send the values England & London to those parameter fields. In report create a formula field to concatenate these two values & display.

And another thought is, you are going to select data based on these two values(England & London), for that you may build selectionformula dynamically & you can send it to report.
CrystalReportViewer.selectionFormula = "{Table.Country} = 'England'  Or {Table.City} = 'London'" 

If still not clear, please let us know.
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