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I want to know how navigate to next page on google search automatically (123456789). I found this code but I don't know how use it.

Dim temp = WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("pnnext")
  If temp Is Nothing OrElse TryCast(temp.DomElement, mshtml.HTMLAnchorElement) Is Nothing Then
  End If
Updated 9-Aug-11 7:37am
Sam_IDEA 9-Aug-11 12:26pm    
Please elaborate your question. I'm not getting what you want to say.
edumaite 9-Aug-11 12:36pm    
Sure. I am making a small google tool and I want auto click on button called "next" for navigate to the next page on google search.Sorry for my bad english.Thanks.

1 solution

Just get the value of the href attribute inside that element, and navigate to it.
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edumaite 9-Aug-11 12:46pm    
I trying but I can not get it:
<span style="display:block;margin-left:53px;text-decoration:underline"> Next </span>
I can not find any id element.Can you help me?
edumaite 9-Aug-11 12:47pm    
<span class="csb ch" style="background-position:-96px 0;width:71px"></span>

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