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Dear All;
I wrote a php query which return the following JSON string :

so In my blackberry application
I wrote the following :

<pre lang="java">  returnString = returnStringBuffer.toString();
	                // examine return string
	             String jsonString =new String("{");
	             jsonString= jsonString + "\""; 
	             jsonString= jsonString +"myArray\" : ";   
	             jsonString= jsonString +returnString;
	             jsonString= jsonString +"}";
	          // Now the call should succeed
	                JSONObject myjson = new JSONObject(jsonString);
	                JSONArray nameArray = myjson.names();
	               JSONArray valArray = myjson.toJSONArray(nameArray);
	              Dialog.alert( nameArray.getString(0));
	              Dialog.alert( valArray.getString(0));
	              Dialog.alert( nameArray.getString(0));
	                if (returnString.indexOf("1") != -1)
	                    ret = true;

So the returnString is the string from the httpconection it works fine uptill now.

Now I want to assign the returnString to JsonObject ... then I want to access for example like that :


how it should be done ???
Updated 13-Aug-11 22:35pm

1 solution

The returnstring you got via HTTP does not qualify as a JSON object, but rather as a JSON array. Besides that your code does strange things. A JSONObject freshly instantiated is compared via equals to the return string. What are you trying to do here? Maybe you should do some studies on Java first.


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Tamer Hatoum 14-Aug-11 4:34am    
Kindly see my update ... and what is the next step ...

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