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I am working on project which requires to built organization chart.
I got some help from Code project artcle by Rotem sapir.Howeevr we would like to develope organization chart which can be expanded as well collapsed.
I use Unifosys chart control but our data generates more than 100 nodes org chart, control doesn't display node in correct format. Also control(each node text) is not readable.
We will really appreciate if anyone suggest us the solution.

Code Project member
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Aug-11 22:52pm    
No. To suggest a solution one needs some requirement document. You request goes beyond quick Questions & Answers. Either hire an architect or try to write the project yourself and ask questions when you face specific problems. There are no special secret suitable to your task -- just a good amount of work -- so who do you thing should do it?

If the organization is hierarchical, it means it presents a relationship which can be represented as a tree. In this case, you don't really need a chart control — a regular TreeView will present a chart exactly as you want, with possibility to expand and collapse. Everything is already done for you in the ready-to-use .NET libraries.

I we assume that not everything is so simple, and that your organization represents more general graph, not a tree. It simply means it has loops in it, by the definition of the tree (a graph without loops). In this case, requirement to expand or collapse makes no sense, unless you can define these operation in some exotic sense of the words, not as it is understood for the trees.

Either way, the formulation of the problem makes no sense. Just think about it.

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The latest Unifosys Chart4.NET has better drawing for large number of nodes in an organization chart.
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