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Basically, what the title says.

When the uninstaller is run, i want the UI to have a checkbox somewhere which says:
[X] Keep existing settings
Or something like that.

I have seen a similar question asked on The "optional task" answer was sort of what i am looking for, except that when i tried it, the checkbox was shown on install as well.
I didn't try the Delphi code yet, but i was wondering if there is an easier way.

Sorry, i don't like to bump, but does anyone have an answer for this? I could figure out some way to do it, using custom code to create the UI option then deleting the registry branch if the option says so. But i hoped there was a more elegant and easier solution.
Updated 23-Aug-11 14:59pm

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If you got the solution from another site, your best way of getting answers would be to post comments/questions on the site itself, as the one who provided the solution knows better.
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XTAL256 21-Aug-11 23:04pm    
Apart from the fact that i can't be bothered signing up to yet another forum, the question posted there was slightly different to mine, and i don't want to hi-jack their question.
If anyone here knows the answer, then there is no harm in telling me :)

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