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hi to all!

i create a procedure in sql server 2008 and has parameter


and i have to retrive from that procedure fname, mname, lname

procedure is working properly but i am confiused to how to write this in c sharp
to display my data from sql server to a datagridview in c sharp

how to do

1 solution

Try using Google. Key word is ADO.Net.

You can also see the following examples, but its important that you have a basic understanding of ADO.Net.

How to populate DataGridView, GridView with SQL statement in C#[^][^][^]
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kami124 22-Aug-11 4:05am    
here is my function but still i am confuse how to do this form procedure before i done tis simple querry

public static void FillDataInGridView_umrf(string proc_mod,int mrf, DataGridView dg1)
string sql_string = ("Data Source=345jk5jh5kjh;Initial Catalog=fgsdfgdfg;User Id=ertertd;Password=dfgdfgdfg;");
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(sql_string);
SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(proc_mod, conn);
command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@mrfid", mrf);
SqlDataAdapter a = new SqlDataAdapter(proc_mod, conn);
DataTable t = new DataTable();
dg1.DataSource = t;
walterhevedeich 22-Aug-11 4:33am    
Its basically the same, only this time, you will need to provide the name of the SP, rather than the query. As I said, having a basic understanding of the concept is important. What part exactly are you having problems?

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