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Hai all,

I have some doubt.
I wish known about Back up and restore in SQL-Server. and i have some questions?

1)What is actually backup and restore..?
2)What is advantage of Backup..?
3)what is happening in backup..?
4)What are things which is restoring..?

while searching in google i am not getting the answer for these questions..

wish to know more about it..?

please help me..

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Back up means to copy the data to a secondary location, so that if you have a problem you can use it to RESTORE the data as it was when the backup was taken. A general rule of thumb is: Take backups, regularly. The most important backup is the one you didn't take. You may never need a backup, but it is absolutely certain that if you do not have a backup, you are going to need one!

Restore can be variable: restore some or all of the data. It can restore to exactly where you were, or it can restore only that information that you know you need.

It's like writing a large Word document: You save it regularly in case the power fails. Because it will, the day you don't save!
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mottudeepu 22-Aug-11 6:42am    
Ok.. new question..

what is information schema in SQL Server..
OriginalGriff 22-Aug-11 6:45am    
Pravin Patil, Mumbai 22-Aug-11 6:46am    
An information schema view is one of several methods SQL Server provides for obtaining metadata & Metadata is data about data.
It seems like Google is blocked on your system. Why don't you try Bing or any other search engine, you will get better answers.......... Trust me.....
mottudeepu 22-Aug-11 6:48am    
One more and the last question
Is it possible to take the backup of information schema..?
if possible how..?
mottudeepu 22-Aug-11 6:57am    
Need a good tutorial link.. please help..

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