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Hi All,

I have an access 2002 application, I'm using ADODB to insert a record into a table in a SQL Server 2000 backend. I am using a connection object and a recordset object.

The code for works fine for 40 users, but simply will not work for 2 particular people.

When I step through the code as these users I see that the recordset never opens, I have tested my connnection object at this point and it is open.

At the point below the recordset does not open.

Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open strSQL, dbRDDTCnn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

I cannot fathom why vba code that works perfectly for so many people would not work for just two people.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions you might have

Thank you!!
Updated 25-Aug-11 15:21pm
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 25-Aug-11 23:13pm    
Does it give any error message? What are the values of the rs.Open parameters for those 2 users?
Jennifer McCartthy 26-Aug-11 8:51am    
Your answer
thank you for your reply.

Yes, after the line it tells me "ERROR #3704 Operation is not allowed when the object is closed"

The parameters for are

rs.Open strSQL, dbRDDTCnn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
strSQL is a simple SQL statement, and dbRDDTcnn is my connection object that tests to open.

Thanks again
Maciej Los 29-Aug-11 5:20am    
Which Office application: Excel, Word, Access? Which version? MS Office versions are the same on all computers? Have you try to reinstall MS Office?
Jennifer McCartthy 29-Aug-11 12:07pm    
Afternoon, thank you for your reply.
we are using Access 2002. We are in a terminal services environment so they are all the same version. I haven't tried to reinstall office as the users are sharing the same instance of access and yet this problem is only happening for two users.
Maciej Los 31-Aug-11 2:23am    
Without knowing more details about connection object we can't help you (security settings). It looks like the connection is closed. Is it happend only for those 2 users no matter of terminal?

1 solution

First of all, read my (losmac) comment to your question. Before you call open method[^] for recordset, you need to open connection. If connection is open, try to change CurstorType[^] parameter, from: adOpenDynamic to: adOpenStatic or adOpenUnspecified.

More: How To Open ADO Connection and Recordset Objects[^]
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