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Hello experts, Which data type we should take if we want to store UNICODE text in a field of a database table, say name of a person in devnagri.

In MS-Access, i have taken the field type 'Text' and it works, but the same does not work in SQL Server 2005.

My OS is Windows 7 ultimate. 64 bit

thanks in advance.


You need to use collation[^]
COLLATE Indic_General_90_CI_AS
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Take the Field Data Type as nvarchar(len)

where len is the field length

prefix the value of the field with 'N' while inserting, like

strQuery = "INSERT INTO TableName( Col1, Col2, Col3) VALUES (" +
                   "\'" + Val1 + "\'," +
                   "\'" + Val2 + "\'," +
                   "N\'"+ val3 + "\')";

notice the N before the value of col3. as seen above,
in the above code segment, Col3 has Unicode Text.
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