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hey everyone:
I want use windows api to create a listview,i use CreateWindow and pass TEXT("listview") to the second parameter.The application can run but i can't see the listview,should i do some more to show it,or is my method wrong?I really need you guys' help.
::i am sorry that t said i passed the second parameter as TEXT("listview"),it is the first parameterSmile | :)
Updated 2-Sep-11 15:10pm

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While the temptation is to just use the string "listview" - well, one does simply use "button" after all, right? This temptation will prove ill-fated.

commctrl.h has a whole bunch of defines for (amongst other things) the strings to be used when requesting a windows control of a particular class.

Whenever I use them, I just use the #defined WC_LISTVIEW. Upon closer inspection, one can see that this is defined as WC_LISTVIEWW, which in turn is #defined as "SysListView32".

So, simply change the TEXT("listview") to TEXT("SysListView32") and you should be ready to rock'n'roll.
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